Annotating photos

After I import a photo from my camera, which is usually a .jpg or tiff file, is there any way to add notes to the file?

You can use the Comments of the database entry to annotate the photo. However this will not be saved to the image file directly unless you write a script to do so.

Thanks for the reply. By "image file" do you mean the internal database file or the original photo?

Would it be better to annotate the photo in another application and then save it as a PDF file? However, I think this would preclude any further editing of the text.

Depending on how you import the image they can be one and the same.

I don’t know what kind of annotations you want to make but if you add them to the comments they will be separate. Therefore it may be better to use another, more appropriate program if you want the annotations to be attached to the same file.