Annotating with Highlights App, DEVONThink, Tinderbox and Zotero

I recently published a YouTube training that I thought some might like to see:

In this lesson, I show you how to make annotations in Highlights App, export the annotations to Finder or DEVONThink in markdown, import the annotations into Tinderbox, and curate them. I also show you how to leverage Zotero for citation mapping.

I explain how I use four annotation colors (yellow, orange, red, and blue), strikethroughs, underlines, images, and personal notes to differentiate my annotations/highlights and capture my own ideas. I then show how, using Tinderbox prototypes and action code, I parse the annotations and can start making sense out of them.

Annotating with Highlights App DEVONThink Zotero and Tinderbox


Thanks for the offering.
Iā€™m sure we have users that will find good info in it!