Annotation as Template

Is it possibleto create a Template that is also an Annotation? I don’t know if that adequately describes what I want so this is the situation: I have a Template which I created and use quite often but ideally I would like it to be linked to another document in the same way as an Annotation is. I suppose what I am asking for is a modified Annotation that has the universal data I need, (which is basically a check-list of actions to take and within which I can write notes about the document to which the annotation will be linked). Thanks for any help.

You can duplicate the annotation template package and edit the enclosed RTF document to be anything that you want. For starters, locate the template at:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/_Annotation___Cmd-Shift-Alt-A.templatescriptd

You need to show the package contents and, assuming you want to edit the English template, edit the RTF document in:


Make sure that you change the name of the new template so that you do not have two documents using the command-shift-alt-a shortcut. Then update the templates menu from ‘Data>New from Template>Update Templates Menu’ and you are all set. Just to clarify, you are changing the name of the copy of the _Annotation___Cmd-Shift-Alt-A.templatescriptd document. Do not change the name of the Annotation.rtf document in the template package that you edited.

Thanks Greg, sounds straightforward but I van nt find Devonthink in Library/Application Suport

Forget that, found it!

As a FYI to anyone else, you can also open the folder from DEVONthink-choose the menu ‘Data>New from Template>Open Templates Folder’. Once you add the new template you will also need to update the menu using ‘Data>New from Template>Update Templates Menu’.

Okay I have found ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/_Annotation___Cmd-Shift-Alt-A.templatescriptd, how do I “show the package contents and, assuming you want to edit the English template, edit the RTF document in:
/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/Annotation.rtf”. Sorry to be so thick!

CRTL-click (mouse: right-click) on the file “_Annotation___Cmd-Shift-Alt-A.templatescriptd” and choose “show package contents”.

Thank you all who helped, and thank you for your patience. Following your advice I have managed to do what I wanted to and that will save me no end of time. :smiley: Cheers.

Everything worked fine to add another annotation template, but my Data menu doesn’t show the update templates function. Anything I havn’t done right?
Thanks for your help.

The update templates menu, as well as the update scripts menu, were removed in 2.6. The menus should now update automatically-are you not seeing your new annotation template?