Annotation colour in dark mode is... well dark as well!

Downloaded and installed DT3b5. Open up new beta and tried to annotate and get a very dark text on a dark background which shall we say does not improve readability.

This was not the case for previous Beta’s. Where do I set the defaults for the Annotation text ? I did not see anything in Preferences.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the bug report, fixed.

Good. Could you suggest a workaround pending the bug fix ? In some cases I have trouble updating the colour of the text by hand e.g. righclick on annotation and select font colour does not seem to always work.

The only workarounds are to use light mode or to change the text color on your own.

I assume light mode in the system wide preferences and not specifically for DT3 (which I could not find) ?


Sigh… since the bug is located and fixed I’m hoping for a quick release of the next Beta. Both alternatives/workarounds are rather onerous.

nah, they only release super-quick betas for me :wink: seriously though, the guys have been going flat out for at least a number of weeks now - you’re not likely going to have to wait long. I’ve seen most of the issues I’ve reported dealt with within 1 or 2 betas - so like 1 to 3 weeks - most responsive software company I’ve ever worked with!

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I would not anticipate quick releases, nor can I comment on any timeframes. I suggest you opt for the workarounds for now… and just hope.

PS: We’ve been going flat-out for almost the past nine months. :flushed::confused:


9 months of hard work, but the result turns out to be worth it… where have I come across that before…?

I knew you wouldn’t comment on a timeframe :wink: that’s why I thought offering a little past experience might help :smiley:

Nine months? Seems longer than that! :wink:

Ever wanted to have light and dark apps live side-by-side in harmony? Well, now you can. With Gray you can pick between the light appearance and the dark appearance on a per-app basis with the click of a button.

and @Blanc

Yes, the total development time has been much longer than 9 months, but the pace has dramatically quickened and we’ve all been crushing it hard for the past 9.

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Light mode is not a workaround, it’s the only usable mode in an office with 4 large windows as I don’t work when it’s dark outside :smiley:

I do not want to leave the wrong impression. Sometimes lost in all the bug reports and new feature requests is an acknowledgment of the hard work going into DT3 from the developers and support. I fully subscribe to the positive comments above and as a user appreciate and make use of the new capabilities of DT3 on a daily basis.

My favourite feature is the enhanced annotation capabilities which is also the motivation for my initial request as i) I’ve adopted dark mode for all my applications so changing to light mode affects not only DT3 but also other applications for which I’m now used to dark mode (Tinderbox, Finder, Omnifocus…_ and ii) unless I’ve missed something I cannot change the font colour of the annotation in a consistent way which is the other suggested workaround.

For an illustration of ii) consider the following test case where I’ve entered a test plain text file and a test annotation in the right hand annotation box

To change font colour I try the following. First select all text in the annotation text entry field as below
now you can see the annotation text much better. Then I select “Show Fonts” in the menu or through right clicking and selecting the correct entry
Using the standard colour selection palette I choose say the top-right most light colour (Snow) to try and make the text an off-white
I close all my font/colour windows and am still left with the same dark text on a dark background as at the beginning. Interestingly if I for instance click the right-most colour from the second row (Maroon) I do managed to colour the text and get this result.

This behaviour might affect a number of users and an number of use cases and worth an extra update to address this particular issue. I’ll let the DT staff decide on this as they have the full overview.

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A third workaround might be to to create an Annotation template using the desired setup.