Annotation feature not working in beta8?

The “unofficial” annotation template used to pop open a window with the annotation information and was supposed to be updated in this beta to put the cursor into the field so that one could begin typing the comment directly.
In b8, the annotation record is created in the Annotations group, but no editing window appears, at least for me. If it is working for others, I know how to delete the templatescript from the ~/library/… folder, but don’t know how to reinstall it from the dmg file.
Also, I just noticed that the URL field is being replaced with the URL for the annotation. I am pretty sure the annotation URL is only supposed to be put there if the field is empty.
I am guessing I somehow have a bad template, so the question is back to how do I get the correct one short of reinstalling the whole package, or is that what I should do?

Does the template work for all others? To replace the template with the default one, try removing it from the smart templates folder and use Help > Install Add-Ons to update all add-ons. Does this help?

I’ve done the remove and reinstall twice to no effect. Is it significant that after deleting the script and running the “Install Add-ons”, the template isn’t replaced by doing so. I needed to go into the appfile resources and install it manually. (This is from a fresh download and install of the whole app over the existing pb8).

The Annotation template works here. First, select the document to be annotated. Then invoke the template with the command, Shift-Option-Command-A.

Unlike the prototype Annotation template (which became a frontmost window), the one in pb8 is created in a group named ‘Annotations’ within the database that contains the selected document, and is added as a new tab to that document.

Check to see if your new annotation document is in a new tab in the window that holds the selected document.

OK, thanks for confirming – that was my initial question (in another thread), i.e. whether “working” meant the template no longer popped up as the frontmost window. When commenting on the prototype, I’d asked whether the cursor could be placed directly into the “type your note here” field, and the response was that it would be done that way in pb8. Thus, I was surprised not to even see a frontmost window, but only a tab. So, at least mine is working correctly, just not the way I expected.
I think I prefer the old way, but am sure I will get used to the new way. The bigger concern I had was that the new way seemed to blow away the existing URL and substitute a link to the annotation. I learned that the original URL then moves to the spotlight comment, which is OK, I guess, though I’d prefer to see it made an explicit field in the annotation template.