Annotation files and relation to original documents

Coming from Evernote, which I used as my research/knowledge base repository for a good part of 10 years, I have hundreds of pdfs with some notes saved on them. Trying to continue this over in Devonthink, I thought (instead of using a text note and group them) I could use the annotation feature (^3) for short (1-2 sentences) notes.
What I notice is that in case I later decide to delete the original pdf file, this (short) annotation I had created doesn’t get deleted as well and remains as an “orphan” note.

  1. Is there a setting I can put Devonthink asking me to delete the annotation as well (or deleting it automatically)?
  2. If not, don’t you think It would be a good feature to have?
  3. Suggestions from other users how you actually make/save your own short notes/summaries from pdf files you are collecting for your research?

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

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And the next release will already improve this.


Ok, I have said this before but I am really impressed by the level of the support. The amount of posts here has to be enormous and still you seem to manage somehow to see and reply to them in less than a day. I haven’t been a long enough user to see how fast the application develops/improves in the course of the time but I am here to stay (and see for myself!).


@cgrunenberg, just quickly jumping in here to add to this feature suggestion…

When moving files (that have annotations) to a different database, the annotation file doesn’t move to this database’s annotations group, it stays behind and you have to remember to move it manually. It seems unorganized to have them in the wrong database, even though they still work as expected.


This script moves selected records’ annotations to the database of the selected records. Needs to be run manually, though.

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Thanks Pete! Can this be run inside a smart rule?

No. But here is a Smart Rule version.

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The next release will handle this too.

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Thank you!

Has this been implemented? I notice that my annotations still do not move with my files.

Yes, quite some time ago.

Preferences > General > General > Annotations: Move annotations automatically.

Got it. Thanks.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: