Annotation incoming links missing

Hello. I just noticed that incoming links are no longer showing for Annotation documents created before July 2021.

Here’s what I am doing to see this issue:

  1. Find an existing document that has an associated Annotation.
  2. Reveal the Annotation document itself
  3. Open the “Links” tab in the right sidebar. The Incoming Links field at the bottom right is empty.

Creating a new Annotation for a document that has no existing Annotation and then performing the above steps works correctly (i.e. the Incoming Links field shows the parent document), so the issue is with existing Annotations, not existing parent documents.

I should add that the Annotations with no Incoming Links displayed are still correctly associated with the parent document.

Given that this is happening only for Annotations created prior to a specific date I wonder if this has something to do with a software update. My current version is 3.8.


Does a rebuild of the database fix this?

Yes, that solved the problem. Many thanks.

related to this, after the update, I’m unable to link a specific page of a pdf document to my annotation. The link now brings up the whole document. Am I missing something?

Where did you add the link and how does it look like?

I’m not the most tech-savy but let me try to describe the workflow process. So, in research mode, I have my pdf document (inside Devonthink) on the left and taking my notes (on an annotation page inside Devonthink) on the right. I’m on a page (in the pdf) that raises some interest and I right-click on it, it highlights the specific page, I copy the page link, I then go to the notes page and right-click and add link (paste).

Something seems to have changed after the software upgrade as I’m not able to do the workflow above now.

A screenshot of your setup would be appreciated. In addition, which step of your workflow fails or is not possible anymore?

Hi, I picked out where my problem was. There is a difference between linking to a plain pdf document and linking to a pdf+text document that has been saved as a searchable OCR document. Seems that linking to a plain pdf documents works best for me. I am good now.


Actually this shouldn’t make a difference and therefore either screenshots or a detailed description of your workflow would be still appreciated.