Annotation (Note and Highlight) bug

Hello all,

I haven’t seen this posted before, so here’s an issue I’m encountering:

If you open a PDF into a new window, and begin annotation using either Note or Highlight, you can get some weird behavior. For example, if you create a note on one page, highlight on the next page (where the note isn’t visible) then the page jumps (zooms in) - and the creation of a note on the same page will zoom the page back out again to account for the note.

Direct replication:

  1. Open a multi-page PDF, maximize the window, and zoom in so the page fits the margins.
  2. Create a note on that page, the PDF zooms out some, but create space for the note on the left (this is expected).
  3. Scroll down to the next page (or til after the note is off the page) and highlight some random text.
  4. The behavior at this point is the space on the left is removed, and the page jumps back into the original place.

Settings (view -> PDF Display) checked:

  • Single Pages
  • Continuous
  • Page Breaks

Version: 2.0pb7

thanks for the bug report! This seems to be another glitch of the PDFKit framework, maybe there’s a way to work around it.

I can look a bit for a way around it - it’s not really something that’ll stop my ability to annotate PDFs - and while slightly annoying, isn’t exactly that big of an issue.