Annotation Search Question

I can find a pdf that contains an annotation with a specific word using the shift-command-F search. Thank you! What I can’t seem to do is find that word within the found document. Command-F find works for all the OCR’d words, but isn’t finding my annotation words; a problem on long documents. Am I missing something?

No, only the search index supports this currently, the Find panel doesn’t yet.

Thank you. Is there a way to see list of annotations within a document?

Not at this time, but it’s planned for a future release.

Love DT but we desperately need a new PDF editing tool. Current one is pretty old and has limited options. Need something like PDFpenPro app.

I’m a student and I use the PDF a lot, but the DT DPF editing tool is so limited.

Reply to Hens, who writes:

Don’t use the native editor except for a few situations. There are so many good PDF editing tools available now that I question whether it is worth the developers’ time to upgrade theirs.
I find very good interoperability between DT’s native PDF editor, and PDF Expert for the Mac. (About $50. I have not tried this with PDFPen Pro.)

I can:
Open a document in DT’s editor
In the Toolbar, I have “Open with External Editor/PDF Expert”.
Use it.
This opens the same document in PDF Expert
Edit the document in PDF Expert. Highlight, comments, add a Note.
All of these show up within a few seconds, back on the DT edited version of the document.
I can close the document in either editor, and the edits are still preserved.

However, I cannot fully Open or Change the edits I made in PDFe, unless I go back to PDF Expert. Highlighting goes in both directions, but nothing else. The problem is that the native PDF editor does not include things like Notes-inside-PDFs.