Annotation Template Problem


Recently I am experiencing a strange behavior in the Annotation template.
If I change a source material’s name (mostly a pdf’s name), a previously generated annotation RTF file doesn’t show up with CMD+OPT+SHIFT+A. Instead, a new annotation file opens up. So the linkage between the source and the original annotation is broken and a new link is generated.

When this happens, I restart DT and the same behavior on the same source file doesn’t occur.

I appreciate if you can help.

The Annotation script checks to see if an annotation document already exists. It checks by looking to see if there is a DEVONthink item link in the URL property of the original document. It does not check based on the name of that document – the script does not validate existence by name. So, renaming the document will not break the link between it and the annotation document. The only way to break the link is to go into the Tools > Show Info panel and delete the contents of the URL property.

You can open the annotation document by clicking it’s URL, which appears above the document preview panel in every view (except Icons and List views).

It’s possible that on your machine the annotation short cut (option-shift-command-A) also belongs to something else on the machine, and so there is a conflict. Or, perhaps the annotation document is actually opening, but is behind the frontmost window in DEVONthink and so it is unnoticed. Sometimes DEVONthink confuses the z-order of its windows and restarting the program is necessary to undo the error.

Thank you Korm.

I did have another Annotation template whose file name is “_Annotation___Cmd-Shift-Alt-Acopy.templatescriptd.” This template wasn’t recognized by DT so I thought it was okey to keep it with others. But after removing the copied Annotation template, my problem is not fixed now.

You still have the problem?