Annotation workflow (maybe open in or tags)?

Thank you.

Do you not suffer from the apple pencil bug that draws random lines across the page? It makes it unusable for me - I get a couple of random lines a minute so just too much - so until that’s fixed (which I know is coming) I can’t use the DTTG annotation.

Once that’s fixed and once there’s dark mode, I hope to annotate from within DTTG too.

No, it’s not. I‘ve only read about this so I thought this bug is a rumor… :wink:

Definitely not a rumor…

Definitely not a rumour…

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So then my <irony mode> was to conservative. (No offense!)
Surely I know that this bug exists but I am/was lucky, so to say, not to be bothered by it. (Side note about poetic justice: I got other issues nearly nobody else seems to have trouble with in practice, such as imprinting PDFs with index numbers.)

That’s not the point here.
Even if you could do most things within DTTG, people WANT to use other Apps for PDFs, Notetaking, Text-Editing, Annotation, Office-Documents, RAW-File Editing, Image Manipulation,

That’s the whole point of iOS and iPadOS!

DTTG shall only be the archive, the database, the storage. It needs to be able to work together with other Apps! And this requires Open In support and this special folder access (lost the name, what Working Copy and use and offer) so that Apps can directly work on those files within DTTG.

But this is not moving since years.

A major new version is coming?
Including those features?

I am going to buy it!

Subscription? Then I am out, forever!