Annotations and user defined fields in DTTG

Hi there, I’m diving deeper and deeper into the functionality of DT3, but some of it I can’t use because it’s not syncing with DTTG.

  • Annotation files are synced but I can’t see that a document has one. So the annotations are not connected – and therefore useless.
  • User defined information fields are not synced at all – or I cannot find these informations.

So please tell me when I will be able to use these features with DTTG? Or is there any workaround?

Thanks, Peter

We don’t comment on development timeframes.

Neither custom metadata nor is showing Annotation files are currently supported in DEVONthink To Go. These things will come in time as the development schedule dictates. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

hi kapomuk
from my experience:
if you can convert that files to pdf documents
you can open with the symbol “overview of pages” inside the to go app the pdf file and tab the middle one named “annotations
there you will see all annotations from a pdf document, and can jump to it.

but i vote also for all annotations seen in the dttg app. (: