Annotations from templates on regular files

Howdy - running DT 3.8.3 on MacOS 12.3.1. I’ve searched the PDF manual and posts here.

I can go to the Annotations and Reminders inspector pane and type a new annotation, which works fine.

If I use the drop-down on Annotations, I can open the templates folder (empty to start with), or I can choose a text or Markdown template. Both of those are grayed out.

If I put a Markdown file in the Annotations Folder, as found in the Annotations drop-down menu, I can see it as an option for New from Template, but it’s grayed out, too.

I found a post that said I could create a Markdown document and use the right-click context menu to insert placeholders. Then, I could export that as a template.

When I export the document as a template, I get a plain Markdown file of the same name as the DT Markdown document I exported.

I’m missing something obvious. The mission is to create a template with placeholders for document annotations.

My guess is there’s a different export procedure to use.

Any help appreciated.

What’s the file extension of the file?

The extension is .md. I’ve tried extensions like .dtTemplate, but I haven’t hit the right combination to un-gray the template in the drop-down list. It appears, it’s just not selectable.

And thank you for pinging back.

Well, this was strange. The options were grayed out until I clicked into the Annotations box. Then, they were active.

Now, I can’t make them inactive. Once active, they stayed active. My custom templates seem to work, too.

All good - but with an initial quirk.

Do you remember what was active before clicking?

“Open annotations folder” was the only active option. At this time, I’m unable to get any of the options, the default templates or my templates, to appear inactive. They all work fine, which is great, but kind of odd that I got things off the rails.

I wish I had more information for you.

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