Annotations in Markdown

I was wondering: Has anybody got a script for making an annotation template that creates a Markdown instead of rtf file? There is a template included in DTPO that does everything I’d wish for, except creating an rtf instead of a Markdown file.

A second thing: I have delayed learning Apple scripts properly for many years, now, but I am going to try to spend a couple of days around Christmas doing it from scratch again. I am especially interested in scripting Devonthink and Hazel. Does anybody have a tip/URL for good starting points?

I would duplicate (or archive the original Template), the you can edit the internals to your liking.
There are only a few edits to make it functional. Styling can be applied later, if you feel like tweaking. I attached a quick edit (quick enough that I only changed the English resource.) :smiley:
If you open the internal script (righticlick the unzipped file and Show Package Contents, then go into the Resources/Scripts), you’ll see the three minor changes I made.

For AppleScript, is the best free resource out there. Concerning DEVONthink-specific scripting, our Scripting forum is a good resource too.

Cheers! (171 KB)

Perfect! That is exactly what I was after.

Thanks a lot for your help.

No problem. Don’t let it slow your journey into AppleScript though. Even if it can be a bit frustrating at times (and I’ve done it professionally for close to 20 years), it’s a great journey! :smiley:

I’d add my encouragement to Jim’s. AppleScript is powerful and straight-forward in many ways, with the occasional quirk to just keep things “interesting”. Folks on the Scripting board are very helpful.

There are three sources you might find useful.


Introduction to AppleScript Language Guide

Introduction to AppleScript Overview

The two from Apple may require you to have an Apple Developer account, but this can be had for free by registering at You don’t need the $99/year account, which is for developers that need access to the AppStore, etc. The free version gives you access to the documentation.

Good luck!!

Is there a way to update this for DT3? I only want to use markdown for annotations and this worked very well in DT2. I was going to try to edit the script myself but nothing I have will open the script in the package.


do you find a way make markdown annotation in DT3 ?

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The Annotations & Reminders inspectors supports custom templates, see “Annotations” popup menu in this inspector. You could add a Markdown template to the folder.

Nice tip. Tried this and works.

But if I try to insert a backlink into the MarkDown annotation for a pdf file only the page number is inserted. No link as it is done in rtf files. Have to insert it manually using link and adding “?page=0”.

Is it a bug?

This is not yet fully supported, the next release should fix this.