Annotations - link back to original document and other questions

I’m playing with annotations in DT3b2. I was surprised that when I annotated a file in the global inbox and then moved that file to a different database, the annotation remained in the global inbox; reading the help, I assume that is the intended behaviour? However, help says the following:

When you create an annotation file, its URL replaces the URL of the original document. This allows you to jump to the annotation from the navigation bar. The annotation also contains a link back to the original document.

If the annotation contains a link back to the original document, it makes more sense that the annotation is treated as a completely separate file, ie does not follow the original file when that is moved. However, I can’t find the link back in any of the annotations I have made - where is it?

Also: where/in what way is the URL of the original document replaced? Both the annotation and the original file show their own respective URLs in the inspector. I think I’m simply misunderstanding the sentence in the help, can anybody elaborate?

Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:

Seems to be an outdated section of the documentation. Version 3 doesn’t change the URL anymore, it uses an internal link. But it’s still compatible to annotations created by version 2 using URLs.

Cheers; that means, however, that in DT3 there is no usable link between the annotation and the document which was annotated, is that right? ie. if I open an annotation from the annotations group in the global inbox, other than the name of the annotation I have no way of knowing which document the annotation refers to, or where that document can be found?

The annotation template includes a back link. You can also insert such links on your own via the popup in the inspector.

Thanks - I had overlooked the little arrow next to “annotations” in the inspector. Neat :slight_smile:

(thanks for your patience; you obviously know your software inside out, and must occasionally be stunned that simple things can stump a user - I really appreciate your assistance, which allows me to get on and just use DT)

Is there a way to configure Devonthink to work the way it used before, automatically adding the refering document to the URL field? Or at least, to automatically add a backlink in the annotations pane?

Thank you!

@Eds - there is no obvious way (but you already know that…) - have you tried using the template? (Inspector/Annotations :arrow_down_small: New from template) - it’s actually pretty nifty and my workflow was adapted in moments (sorry, I’m completely aware that wasn’t your question; just thought maybe…).

I will further explore the templates, thanks for the suggestion! :+1:

In Help > Documentation > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders > Annotations

Perhaps we should add a down arrow icon inline.:thinking:

sssssssh :stuck_out_tongue:

But see here: Annotations - link back to original document and other questions and Criss response directly below - it would seem there is some old text which no longer applies to DT3 in help (and you are the help-man if I remember correctly :wink: (I’m only pointing this out to sniffle that I really had tried using help :D)

Indeed. And Criss pointed it to me earlier today, so the old text will be excised. :slight_smile:

Next time I’ll try reading to the end of the relevant section in help. Now ssssssh :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha! Read on, read on… :wink:

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