Annotations not showing up in the annotations tab


I am considering buying DEVONthink, but there is one feature I miss. When annotating a pdf I would like to have all my annotations sorted somewhere. Under the annotations tab it says “no annotations”, even though I have it annotated when I open the document. Could anyone help? :slight_smile:


This inspector requires an opened/shown document in the same window. Is this the case?

Welcome @Vetlie

In addition to the previous question, in what application did you annotate the file?

Thanks for the quick replies and the welcome.

@BLUEFROG I annotated them in DEVONthink. Both with highlighter and by selecting text and chosing annotate. Also I did it in the DEVONthink To Go app on iOS.

@cgrunenberg I don´t normally ask on forums, but busy days makes me go out of my comfort zone. I feel really stupid not knowing what this means, but I don´t. I have the pdf selected and I can see what author, year etc. in the other tab, but when I open the “annotation” tab it´s blank. If I understand the question better I can try to explain better as well :slight_smile:

What is set as the View - Standard or Widescreen or None?

I found this picture on the forums that illustrates the function I would like to use :slight_smile:


And your answer to my question is…

Sorry, I posted it before I saw your question. Having trouble adapting to a new keyboard I just started using, just to add to the frustrating of learning a new power tool :wink:

Well, that actually solved it. Thanks! What I did was open the file in a separate window. As soon as I opened it with one of the view options at the top left of the toolbar it worked :slight_smile:

No problem.

Yes, opening a PDFF in a document window displays the file.
In a main window, you must choose Standard or Widescreen to display the file in order to see the annotations.

That´s great! Then this is for sure a purchase for me, and I’ll take it slow with the features from now on to not get lost.

In the following months I mainly need a system/database to store annotations to make citations easier. Any other functions I should look into that DEVONthink can help me with? :slight_smile: Or is this a question for a new thread?

Glad to hear it!

I’d search these forums first. There are years of discussions, questions, tips, and tricks in here.

Also, check out the built-in Help or manual.

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