Annotations not shown in Inspector with DT 3.0.4?

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at the moment I got a problem with the Annotation column in die inspector sidebar. I created a screenrecording showing this behavior. I annotated a pdf and a webarchive file for this record. Is it me and am I missing something?


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Summarize annotations from the Tool-Menu works fine and both annotations are exported.

You need to be showing the view/edit pane in the main window or showing in Annotations & Reminders inspector in the document window.


maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t get your advice :frowning:

Maybe describing my procedure helps:

  1. Opening PDF-File with DTTGs internal PDF-Viewer (Same with DT internal PDF-Viewer)
  2. Mark some text
  3. Save document & sync
  4. Look at the document-inspector:

or showing in Annotations & Reminders inspector in the document window.

Do you mean this inspector:

Theres is a “Annotation”-field as well, but according to the help-file external “Annotation-Files” are shown here. Marked text within the pdf-file should be shown in the “Annotation”-field from the first screenshot.

The redundant use of “Annotation” with different meanings are a bit confusing, but as I remember marking text in PDF and showing in “Annotationen”-column works in a previous DT-version.

Export annotations to Markdown works:

Maybe the “Annotationen”-colum from the document inspector could be renamed to “Hervorhebungen” in German like the menu-entry.

I got it. Now I know what you mean. I have to switch the view to “Standard” or “Breitbild” to see the PDF and the Annotations.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-17 um 22.45.12

You’ve got it :slight_smile:

I stumbled about the exact same issue today. Is there any specific reason why annotations are not displayed without the preview pane? It’s quite confusing to me as I often look through documents while having preview pane disabled.

The annotations are only available after loading and, depending on the format, rendering the document.