Annotations quirk

Here’s an interesting wrinkle. It’s not bad and it’s a bit of a specific slog to get this to show up

Create a new database. Add a markdown document named “doc 1”.

Add a second markdown document called “doc 2”. Add an annotation containing "related to " followed by doc 1’s pasted item link.

Click on doc 1 and activate the see also inspector.

Doc 2 will appear in the see also list. Click on it. Doc 2 is now displayed in the main edit window.

Now switch to the annotations inspector. The annotation will be gone.

Hit command-r. The highlighted entry in the nav panel will switch to doc 2. The annotation will still be blank.

Click away from doc 2, perhaps by clicking doc 1 in the navigation list. Now switch back to doc 2.

The annotation is safely back.

The annotation also reappears if you switch the markdown view from preview to source.

On a side note, annotations have become very handy lately. I use them to chain notes on one phone call back to the phone call that preceded it, and I also sometimes make a little map of contents for a document in its annotation.

I’m running Devonthink 3.9.2 server edition on MacOS 12.6.8 on an aging but faithful late 2015 iMac.

Development wil have to look at this.

Also, @cgrunenberg : Preferences > General > Interface > Automatically reveal items doesn’t work with See Also.

Thanks, @BLUEFROG - I almost didn’t post the report, because it is a minor problem with display element refresh, then I figured it’s also going to showcase DT’s legendary product support.

Have a great day!

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In this case this is intentional to easily spot to which document the See Also & Classify results actually belong and which document would be classified.

Doc 1 is still the active & selected one, only the preview pane did change when selecting Doc 2 in the See Also results.

Right, but there may still be a wrinkle.

With DT in that state, click on Doc 2 in the navigation list. Switch to the annotation inspector. The Doc 2 annotation does not appear even though doc 2 is now selected in the navigation list.

Click to something else, or choose the source option in the preview pane. That will refresh the annotation inspector with Doc 2’s annotation.

The next release will fix this glitch.

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