Annotations randomly lost!

I’ve just come across a rather annoying issue (?bug) with Devonthink (3.9.4) on Mac (running Sonoma 14.0).

I was reading through an article in the DT preview pane, making annotations as I was going along (by using the “highlight text” tool). These annotations then appeared in the annotations part of the inspector pane (the one under the “document” heading, not “annotations & reminders”). I have noticed that sometimes, when I select a different article, and then come back to this one, the most recent annotations have disappeared - meaning that they’ve disappeared from the annotations pane, and also the text is no longer highlighted. This has now happened 3 times with the same article. I added the annotations again, though after switching to view a different article and then returning to this one, the most recent annotations were again missing!

Any help appreciated.

You shouldn’t be running Sonoma 14.0, if you actually are. Sonoma is already a pile of bugs so it’s even more important to update the OS. The current version is 14.1.1.

Regarding the behavior, I did some thorough investigation on the matter and it’s in development’s hands now.

Thanks @BLUEFROG - were you able to replicate the issue at all? It just happened to me again with a second article. I will update the OS and let you know if that changes anything.

Assuming you’re referring to PDFs, then yes I could consistently reproduce the behavior. However, it’s very likely people may not see it all the time. But for those actively adding PDFs to their database(s), it’s much more possible to be experienced.

PS: The Sonoma update shouldn’t have an effect. But as I said, it’s still a buggy OS (sadly), so make sure you stay up to date. The 14.2 release is in beta 3, so hopefully it will actually fix some more important things.

Interesting, thanks. Yes, the vast majority of my database is PDF. I’m glad you could reproduce the behaviour and hope that the development team can sort it!

It’s another bug of the PDFkit framework and not limited to Sonoma. This affects also or We’ll check if it’s possible to work around this.

…and the next maintenance release will indeed work around it.


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I’ve had a similar problem. Several times when I tried to summarize annotations to sheet, not only was the summary not produced but all my annotations disappeared. Not sure what caused that, but I’ve made it a practice to click on the name of the annotated file in the item list in the main window before choosing the Summarize Annotations command in the Tools drop down. The problem has not recurred. Initially, I duplicated the annotated pdf to a different folder before summarizing. Turned out that insurance wasn’t needed. I’m running Ventura 13.2.1.