Annoucement: ThinkArch Entourage-DTP archiver

Well… I ran up against a bit of a wall with DevonSync (the application that will allow you to sync two DTP databases across a network). Hopefully that will all get resolved soon. In the meantime, I moved on to an easier project – a functional archive program for MS Entourage --> DTP.

It’s still pretty rough around the edges, but there’s not much chance I’ll be developing it to polished condition for a while. But it’s basically functional.

So I’m putting out a (version 0.6), open to suggestions.

ThinkArch is ready as 1.0 FC! Use the same URL as above.

One feature requires DTP 1.1.2 (coming soon, now in beta), see limitations below.

Please test and email woodenbrain … at — kagi period com, and/or post in thread.


• Archives only mail in selected mailboxes
• Archives only mail older than a set date.
• Set date can be relative to current date (ie, 2 years old) or relative to last archive date.
• Archives can be scheduled monthly without intervention.
• Handles both plain text and HTML emails.
• Automatic text cleanup.
• Control of archive folder hierarchies.
• Control whether to archive unread messages or high priority messages.
• Specific DTP database to use for archives can be set.
• Basic handling of attachments supported by DTP (unlinked but grouped with archived messages)
• Automatic removal of duplicates and replicants.
• Add to DTP from Entourage selection feature.
• Can install above feature in Entourage and user scripts menus.
• More!

• automatic removal of duplicants and replicants requires DTP 1.1.2 (coming soon)
• attachments can’t be linked to messages but are grouped with them / files not handled by DTP are not imported


Could someone mod please kill this poll? It was sorta rude of me :wink: Thanks.

Hi Brain,

I tried it on a small Entourage folder. Clicked “Archive” and it responded “Archive and Delete,” with no chance for me to say…maybe yes or no.

Then a sultry voice came on and said that “Could not open DevonThink database.”

But in fact, DT Pro had opened and nothing was added. Also, the original Entourage folder was still there. So, no harm or foul. (Next time, I’ll read the Help file first!)

The interface looks good. It would be nice to be able to click on the columns and have them sort, up or down.


yes, please read the info first!

it probably could not open the DT database because you didn’t specify one in settings.

will look into sorting columns, but what do you want to sort by? it should already be sorted by name. i can’t see wanting to sort by ID. I suppose you could sort by checked or not but do you really want to do that?

As for no chance to confirm, good point, I suppose I’ll change that.

Same URL as above… See also new web site:


1.0b2 [2006-05-11]
Can sort mailbox columns
Confirm before archiving or exporting
better handling time received / time sent
better time out handling
various other bug fixes


fixes (I hope) an issue with version checking on international systems.
again, same URL


changed again based on suggestion by erico. again, hope this resolves this version checking issue.

[quote=“Wooden Brain”]
ThinkArch is ready as 1.0 FC! Use the same URL as above.

Hallo Wooden Brain,
is ThinkArch only for Entourage?
I would like to have it for Mail.
Any plans?

ps: sorry I have to say, that your webpage is confusing. If I wouldnt know what to search for, I have clicked away.

Sorry for the flurry of updates here but just trying to get this good to go.

Devtom suggested another good feature which I just added:

1.0b4 [2006-05-19]
Added option to only archive or export messages newer than last used cut-off date.
Made some other interface changes.

Again, please use the same URL to download.

At the moment it is for Entourage only. Scripting for Mail is very different. Supporting other e-mail clients would be a big project which I probably won’t be doing unless there is huge demand. Sorry.

I’m not sure what is so confusing. It says quite clearly right at the top of the ThinkArch section:

“ThinkArch allows you to archive MS Entourage email messages in DEVONThink Pro.”

Tried to import mails from entourage the best way. But:
Drag and Drop is fine, but only ( a lot of for me useless)text and no sync. The scripts work well, but no sync.Thinkarch ist superb, but if i check “html” everything is wrong formatted, and if i uncheck it i get error “The variable theSource is not defined” tried to play with the code (UDF 8 and so on)but no go. German system!


Version 1.0b5 fixes the error reported below and one other error producing bug.

Devtom – thanks for your bug reports.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wrong formatted,” so I could not fix that yet. Are all HTML e-mails formatted wrongly for you, or just some? Either way, if you could forward me a couple of those e-mails as examples, I could see if I can reproduce the problem. My e-mail is at the top of my web pages.

Now that DEVONThink Pro 1.2 is out, ThinkArch 1.0 has been released publicly!

The main download URL is:

Download mirror: … nkArch.dmg

ThinkArch 1.2 has been released. It adds compatibility with DEVONThink Pro version 2.x and includes a number of other bug fixes and updates.