Announcement: WBC DEVONThink Scripts updated

Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage

Editable version of script installed with ThinkArch

recommended install locations:
~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Microsoft Entourage/
~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items/DevonThink/

Add from Safari (folder)

recommended install location:

[b]Add X to DEVONThink [Choose Group][/b]

“Add Web Archive” is legacy for DTP version < 2.0. Superseded by “Add web document”.

All others are modifications of DTP default Safari scripts including group selector.

[b]Add Page to DEVONthink Plus[/b]

Add Safari page while stripping unneeded HTML. It works best “out of the box” with the New York Times (especially print version page). Otherwise highly customizable in Script Editor.

Kill Duplicates and Replicants (requires DTP 1.1.2+)

recommended install location:
~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink Pro/Data/


• Scripts updated for DEVONThink Pro 2.0+. May no longer work with previous versions. Old scripts included zipped for DEVONThink Pro 1.x.
• Add to DevonThink Pro from Entourage now handles frontmost open mail window, and better handling of HTML messages.
• Add Page to DEVONthink Plus fixed for NYT and improved under the hood