Annoyance in Favorites

Can’t figure this out. I created a Favorites in my Sidebar. When clicking to another Database and then back to that Fovorites, it only shows the nested Folders and not the files within that Favorites folder. Is this a bug or is there a workaround? In a number of attempts, the entire contents (files) will show. But they didn’t for the first number of tries.

I figured out what is happening here. I click on my Favorites folder in my Sidebar and I see 2 nested folders to the right and then in the top right (I’m in triple view) I see all the files in my Favorites folder that are not in either of those 2 nested folders. When clicking on one of those nested folders, I click on my Favorites folder again, expecting to see all those files again that are not in either of those 2 folders, but they don’t show. It’s rather annoying. I would think that, by clicking on that Favorites folder, it would bring you back to the original view of what you first had, but it doesn’t. I actually have to click back through my database manually to get those files back.