Annoying behavior when sorting bookmarks with the "see also / classify" inspector

When I’m sorting bookmarks I saved to DEVONthinks (Global) inbox I want to use the classify view on the right. I’m experiencing some annoying behaviors there… The I e.g. select a bookmark from a mtb related blog and I immediately know where to put it, I start typing in the search field of the inspector. In parallel DEVONthink loads the webpage in the main view and suddenly all my typed keys are deleted and DEVONthink shows the proposed destinations for the selected item.
For me this is really annoying. When I already started typing, I know where to put that item and DEVONthink really shouldn’t delete my keystrokes anymore…
Is this intended behavior, a bug or can I change some settings to prevent this?

A screencast of this behavior would be helpful.

you got a PM