Annoying Sorter Hide or Ignore in full screen prompt

Something really needs to be done about the obnoxious Sorter prompt that I keep getting every time I launch an app that goes into full screen mode. I should be able to configure sorter to either hide or stay visible universally so that I don’t have to deal with this all the time, which is currently the case.

This happens when I go into full screen mode using Leopard’s ScreenSharing, also when I go into full screen mode in Lightroom, etc, etc…

I’ve tried trashing the preferences and then re-selecting my desired behavior, as was suggested in a previous post, but to no avail.

Any chance you could work on a solution to make this feature work properly? It happens so often at this point that I am about at my breaking point!!


The solution is based on the fact that each application has a unique name according to the Window Server. So, when you say that these messages keep popping up, what names do you see in the panel for Lightroom’s full screen mode for instance each time it pops up? They must be different then?

How do I just make it stop popping up completely?

It should need to be so dependent on my input to say whether or not I want it to work with this app or that app?

Don’t you think there should be some sort of global control to either universally hide or universally ignore for ALL apps?

I’d like to be able to use the sorter feature, but I’d rather not have to manually specify my preferences for it on a regular basis…

You can stop it from popping up by going to the action menu and Hide it. And then when you feel ready for it to show, go to the DT2 Dock menu and select “Show Sorter”.

The reason for this behaviour is that there are a utilities out there that pretend to have a full screen window and some do and some don’t. Now you are in completely in control whether it should stay visible or not (by popular request).

Thanks for your comments. I have to say it’s quite aggravating until you understand what’s happening—the dialogue box isn’t very informative. Moreover it seems to keep nagging you to click “Hide”. I’ve had it come up numerous times using Curio and I always clicked on “Ignore”. When I finally relented and clicked on “Hide” it seems to have gone and stayed gone. This might need a little more consideration.

It is an intrusive dialog and I would also vote for a simple global option as an alternative.

I vote, again, for making the tab operate like the one in Together or Edgies or other apps (and even Apple’s Dock) where it hides until you mouse to the edge of the screen or invoke a keystroke combination. You can invoke this in preferences in these apps.

I am test driving Devonthink, and I find the behavior of the Sorter really annoying too. I have Devonthink selected to launch on start-up and I have to choose hide sorter from the action menu every time I start up, because I don’t use it and it also conflicts with another drawer for another program that I have there. I have tried changing the behavior in preferences, and it still opens every time.

I know Devonthink is a really powerful program and all, but it’s little details like that make for a really clunky user experience.

By the way, you can just drag the tab to another position on your monitor if the other isn’t able to move out of the way.

Unfortunaly we can’t make it better than the underlying Mac OS X’s failures. I cannot reproduce this on any of our computers, nor is there any error that I can depend on to make this smarter. This is a problem with Apple’s code. The only workaround: delete the Sorter from the Login Items in your Accounts System Preference yourself now.

Note that when you start DEVONthink for the first time in any new version, you can uncheck it in the Install Add-ons panel so it won’t bother you in the future.

I would like to have an

“Always hide when going fullscreen” option.

There has never been a use case when I want to have the sorter in a full screen app. Can anybody give such an example?