Another Download Manager question


Try to capture complete webpages inclusive the attachments that are linked within that page. Only trouble is that the download manager doe not download the attached links. Think that its caused by the link name on the page; attached zipped files are linkt with a html code that looks like “/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=42347”

Is there a workarround?



Please open the Options panel of the download manager (via the action or contextual menu) and ensure that both markup and unknown files are enabled.

Hello Christian,

Tried that and it did not work either. Meanwhile saw on another part off the forum a clue; the download manager does’t work (well) with .php. So guess that’s the culprit.



Although the next release will improve/fix several issues of the download manager, a sample URL would be great to be able to check if it’s working as expected or if there’s still a bug left to fix.

Goodday Christian,

Can’t give you the link because it’s a closed forum. Do you perhaps have a link to a (test) site that works with php so I can test it? It’s off course possible that I’m doing something wrong.


Well, our forum is of course using PHP. But I don’t think it’s possible to create attachments.

Ok thanks for your answer. Will wait until the next update and do a test then perhaps the update solves it.