Another glitch/question on search and predicates shown in search field


I have this input in the advance search with Group1 and Group2 being group tags

The search field shows the string predicates as follows:

Now, I clear the search field, and I enter the predicates into the search field directly, I get this:

Just wondering what have I done wrong?
Thanks in advance

That’s actually correct, you can enter multiple tags in the Tag is (not) condition.

But the results I see is different. I can see the correct listing for case (1) (Group1 OR Group2), for case(2), the search results has no item listed (becomes Group1 AND Group2?). At least that what I am seeing…

Sorry, didn’t notice the any condition. In that case it’s a bug.


Next release will fix this.

The issue is no longer observed in DT3b6. The correct smart group are created with the any: predicate in AppleScript, too.

It seems that there is another glitch between the translation of actual search predicates in smart group to the search string in search field.

I use the smart group to construct a regex predicate: (noted the “!” mark for not matches)

the search result is correct and the search field returns
name:![C/N][0-9][0-9][0-9] scope:TestDB

I copy the search string, do a total clearing of the search field by esc, and paste the identical search string into the search field, the predicates become

Which returns the wrong results.

This minor glitch does not affect normal usage BUT affect scripting because the “correct” predicates in script doesn’t return with the expected search results.

Thank you very much in advance

A more straight forward example:
(1) Predicates:

returns search string of “name:!p.339 scope:selection” in search field

(2) But putting “name:!p.339 scope:selection” in search field creates this predicates:


Thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this. In the meantime just use - or NOT instead of !