Another gremlin in beta 3r2: embedded text below displayed t

Another problem I just discovered with a PDF made from the latest beta (I had not been working directly with them until now) -

For one particular page, the embedded text is a full line below the displayed text in the PDF. I realized this only when I went to select some text in Skim so I could make a note, and saw that the selection, line for line, was occurring precisely one line below the displayed text.

The page in question is a double spaced page of ordinary text, part of a student paper. I will e-mail it in separately.

Other pages in the same batch of JPGs scanned in seem fine. It’s just this one page that got weird.

OK, I did a test and I know what it is in the document that triggered the problem -

It’s page one from a student paper produced with a standard word processor. The student single-spaced his name and below it the date at the top of the paper. Thereafter the paper is double-spaced.

What I did was crop out the two single-spaced lines at the top and scan the remaining page. No problem with alignment now - the embedded (selectable) text lines up with the displayed text.

So a definite bug here.