Another iCloud question

I sold my iPad several months ago, and no longer use DTTG. When I look on my iCloud storage, it says that DTTG is using up about 53 gigs. Can that data safely be deleted from the cloud? Or is there a way to d/l it and check it against my local drives wrt the data?


Charles Hogg

Are you using and syncing DEVONthink on the Mac?

I had posted another question a few days ago about a lot of files not appearing when I run “repair,” and had surmised that it was because they were in iCloud. I’ve now turned off iCloud for files and d/loaded all I could to a local hard drive.

While I was doing that, I discovered the 53 gig file on iCloud.

I am using DEVONthink on the Mac. I thought I was syncing it, but I’m not sure now.