another newbie question about scanning

with the fujitsu 5110 oexm, I can scan documents into the application dt pro…my question is what is the benefit of this? If I scan it into adobe professional, I can ocr it before I save it and then import it into dt pro. Can dt pro also allow this option (ocr) and if so, how do I add that? Thanks for the program…now to get more (even a little) proficient. :wink:

Some documents such as handwritten notes cannot be run through OCR, so direct saving to DT Pro saves time for such material.

DEVONtechnologies has been demonstrating with Fujitsu a special version of DEVONthink that automates the process of scanning, OCR and transfer to the DEVONthink database. (I’ve got a Fujitsu ScanSnap and have been making heavy use of a prerelease version. I’m delighted with the ScanSnap’s speed and ability to handle duplex pages, and with the high accuracy of the OCR PDF+text transferred directly to the DT database.)

Release date and price have not been set.

Well, I have my DTP license and my Fujitsu ScanSnap, so I’m two-thirds of the way there! :slight_smile:

I hope that, when DEVON releases this (or maybe in v1.1), they take one phrase to heart: background CPU cycles. I do not want to delay my scanning while Adobe figures out the OCR content… but I very much do want to have that OCR’ed content searchable. Not immediately… tomorrow or the next day would usually be soon enough.

How to do both? “DEVONscan” (or whatever they call it) should (1) scan the high-res image to the database, (2) run a background process that harvests idle CPU cycles to do the OCR, and (3) when OCR is complete, replace the high-res image with a smaller screen image a la PDFShrink.

I’d rather devote my Mac’s awesome idle capacity to OCR than to a screensaver or running SETI@home…

Stephen, I’ve been doing lots of scans using the prerelease version of DT that can do OCR. At least with my computers I do keep scanning more documents with the ScanSnap while the previously scanned documents are being OCRed and saved to DT Pro, and the ScanSnap doesn’t slow down.

And while the “backlog” of scanned images is being OCRed I can do other work, such as answering email, Forum support, DT Pro database work, whatever.