Another 'OR' question

I’m using the twitter plugin and I notice that if I search for two terms (one a two word phrase in quotes, the other a word) individually I get over 100 results. If I use both with an OR then I get about 60! Any thoughts?

As Twitter supports the OR operator, the operator is submitted to Twitter’s search engine and DEVONagent is more or less just using the returned results.

However, the next release will slightly improve the Twitter support. Which search term did you use?

I was using the following search:

“fast show” or fastshow


Over here I get…

81 results for “fast show” (plus 19 identical & filtered results)
99 results for fastshow (plus 1 identical & filtered result)
78 results for “fast show” OR fastshow (plus 22 identical & filtered results)

By default the plugin retrieves up to 100 results and therefore everything seems to work as expected.