Another question about moving from Evernote to DT3

I’ve asked about this before, but the situation has changed a bit and I’m looking for some advice for going about this in the most efficient way.

I have about 600 notes in EN. They are all in notebooks, and the notebooks are all contained in three stacks: Art, Family, Technology. I’m assuming that each notebook will import as a group. Then I could move each group to the appropriate database – I’ve created three of those with the same names, that is, Art, Family, and Technology.

Do you think it would be best to have the databases closed when I do the import, then, after importing, open one database, say, Art, and move all the different art groups from the art stack into the Art database? Then, do the same thing with the other two stacks and databases?

Finally, what’s the easiest way to move the groups to the databases?

TIA for your help,

There should be no need to close the databases while you’re importing Evernote notebooks.

Finally, what’s the easiest way to move the groups to the databases?

  • Drag and drop between databases.
  • Control-click an item and choose a location in the Move to menu.
  • Select an item and choose Data > Move to to search for and move to a chosen location.
  • Add databases to the Favorites in the Navigate sidebar (Control-click > Add to > Favorites) then drag and drop to it.
  • Do a search in the Sorter’s Navigation view then drag and drop to it.
  • File > Export > Files and Folders followed by a File > Import > Files and Folders in the destination database.
    … etc.
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Got it! Thanks so much. All done. The move worked like a charm.

No problem.