Another vote for "Form View" for Sheets

Just wanted to once again put my vote here to encourage the return of “form view” for Sheets from DT 1.x. I find sheets work very well for many of my needs within DTPO 2.x – I go out to Excel less frequently when I’m creating/managing simple lists/grids. It is certainly a replacement for google spreadsheets for any matters that aren’t based around collaboration.

With the return of the “form view” I could eliminate my use of lightweight database programs and FileMaker Pro that I use to manage more complicated lists of things. For quick data entry (and placing a “peekhole” for updating in the group hierarchy) the single record “form view” of DT 1.x really kicked tail.

If I should give up on that old method – if the database style has changed too far from what would be required to do this – please let me know and I’ll stop requesting it.

Also, if the recommended way to hand this activity would be instead to use scripting and/or templates, then, um, could I beg a tutorial for scripting and templates that would be pertinent? (or a link to one?) The “Create New from Template” option is intriguing…but I have no idea what tool to use to tweak the templates to do the cool things the demonstration templates can do.


Form views will return but they won’t be part of the final 2.0 release. 2.0pb8 is the last beta and runs til the end of month and therefore time is limited :wink:

Thank you very much for the update!

Now that DTTG is out, I would like to revive the request for form view / records view (whatever you want to call it) for sheets.

I mean a few hours after the app is approved is more than enough time to down that bottle of champagne and squash the bugs, right? :wink:


Really, a very good vote. I created dictionaries for several languages for personal use with often complex meaning descriptions for which the pure tabular presentation is simply not useful or helpful. - And, the form view is an enriching feature, as it is beautiful, for that matter. So it makes even more fun to look the records at …

The return of “Form View” functionality would make me extremely happy. Doesn’t need to be more than what we had in DT 1. Just that sweet ability to replicate a row (record) of a sheet to somewhere else. Anyone else out there who is waiting as hard as I am?

I would love to see this, but don’t think it’s going to happen. In usage scenarios where sheets just can’t do the job, I’ve started using rich text files instead.

That seems to me to be a rather pessimistic view. Replicating records of a sheet will bring huge possibilities. For instance bookkeeping: Having a sheet with each record replicated to a group which has the receipt. Or a client database: one sheet for all consultations and the records of each client replicated to that clients group.
With record views, there is no more need for unreliable Bento and big Filemaker and it brings far more functionality than rich text files.

But it seems that most people are happy with having to use another database program alongside with DEVONthink.

I really hope that KP is not right, but if yes, it would help a lot to get a note from the developers so that I can start making changes to my database plans. But if there is still hope - I can wait :slight_smile: (although not much longer)

Is there any chance of seeing Form views return anytime soon?

+1 – thanks for the reminder; I was working on something the other day and could have used this feature. Still missing it after all these years :wink:

There’s definitely a chance but not soon.

Thank’s, Christian, that is good news! :slight_smile:
The unique thing about sheets in DT 1 was that one could replicate one or more rows (records) of a sheet into another group, where they would form a smaller sheet, a “subset” of the bigger sheet. That is what I am really waiting for (although form views will be great also). Can you please tell me if this feature will return. Without this feature I will (sadly) have to revise my database plans, which of course is better done sooner than later.

Form views will be just a different representation of sheets but due to the current database architecture (a sheet is just one file/item), replicating of rows won’t be possible anymore.

hmmm…, :bulb:
I just thought that there would be another way to get a subset of a sheet:
If I do a search through the Search window limited to a sheet, the results preview pane will show a subset of that sheet (a filtered sheet).
If a stored search could display just that filtered sheet - that would be almost as good as replicating of rows!