Any details about how mobile DTP sync will work for iOS?

I know there has been a lot of discussion about sync in DTP and when it is coming, etc. in another thread here. However, I was wondering if the development group could shed a little light on how specifically the mobile app will work?

I have no doubt they will have a very good sync solution for the Mac OS version, but was wondering about the iOS version.

My main question is will the app work similar to how the Evernote iOS app works, especially for files (as opposed to rich text, notes or bookmarks)? Would one be able to see the files as icons (pdf, word, pages, etc documents) and then click to download, thus giving the user control over what file(s) get downloaded to the limited storage iOS device.

I ask this because my hope is that we will eventually be able to access all of our data in DTP via the mobile app as well as the desktop app, but only download what we need, when we need it, thus getting away from the selective sync currently implemented in the iOS version.

Thanks for shedding any some light on the details of the mobile sync version, if appropriate to share at this time.