Any Los Angeles Users? Or someone willing to phone chat?

I am wanting to get started and although I have the “Getting Started” and have watched some tutorials, I feel like it would be SO helpful to have a face to face conversation with another user. Happy to buy you lunch or make you a big container of soup. I’m in Los Feliz. OR if someone would be willing to chat on the phone, that would be incredibly helpful. I’m a heavy Word user with a zillion documents which are currently in loads of folders and sub-folders. I want to retain my current organization, but understand (I think) that in using Devonthink, it might be more helpful to think about organization a bit differently. I can’t seem to make the mental shift though into what different is. And what do I do with my old system? I realize this is not the right forum for the above questions, but I’m really just looking for someone who would be willing to chat about these things, as it seems that the answer could be long, and might depend on multiple variables. For anyone who can help at all, thank you so much in advance. Cheers!