Any news on 64bit for DTPO?

I know this has been mentioned for a year+ and was posted as definitely coming by devon management, I do realize you’ve got your hands full with everything else, but basic support for letting DTPO use more than 4GB would be very helpful.

I don’t think I have any machines left with less than 16GB right now, it’s getting a little cramped in DTP.

Is there any news with when this might happen for at least DTPO?

Many thanks

We’re still working on 64-bit support but it requires more work than our freeware or DEVONagent 3 which are already supporting 64-bit.

Ok good to know, sooner would be better then much later :wink:

I don’t really use Devonagent and I’m not sure how important Sphere is going to become to my workflow, but I live in Devonthink Pro Office and watching it grind, crash from out of memory sometimes and experience issues due to 32 bit, when I have 12GB free memory even after everything I use is loaded is getting a bit frustrating.

I too would like improvements in DTTG, multiple database syncing, all those nice things, but mostly I don’t care so much. I care about DTPO being able to utilize more then 2-3GB of memory, when it could easily use 4-5x that much on all my machines with no problem.

In case that you’re interested in beta testing (and doing backups often of course), then it might be sooner than later.

Do you need any more beta-tester?

I would agree to do beta-testing of a 64bit version of DTOP.

Right now we’re concentrating our efforts on the (upcoming) public betas of the Sync plugin and the new Scanner & Camera interface (see our blog). But afterwards additional testers willing to test regularly are always welcome! :smiley:

So drop me a Note then. :slight_smile: