Any payoff to turning off Spotlight indexing?

I find I use DT’s search much more often. Is there anything to be gained from turning off Spotlight indexing, ie faster performance on large databases?

Are you talking about turning Spotlight off completely on your computer?

Although Christian might correct my description, the DTPO “Spotlight Index” is a set of files that make the documents inside a DTPO database visible to Spotlight. I’d presume it’s only updated when data is imported, exported and the like: Spotlight does Spotlight indexing, not DTPO.

So turning off the feature in DTPO wouldn’t net you too much. Turning off Spotlight might improve your performance, but in terms of functionality on the Mac, I’d think you’d be swimming against the current there…

HTH, Charles

To add to what Charles said, if you never want to search the contents of your databases with Spotlight, turning off the indexing of the databases will streamline the results that you get when you do search with Spotlight. I too would expect that any performance improvements in a database with Spotlight indexing disabled would be negligible to none.