any pitfalls to setting creation date of web archive?

I am building a database of web archives. They are generally things like news articles so when they were written/published is very relevant. Additionally, that will almost certainly not be when I actually download it into DT. The source of the article contains the date so I wrote a script to parse it out and set the record’s creation date to that.

That all works fine. What I noticed is that the underlying web archive file’s creation time does not get changed. Will something bad happen because the record’s and the file’s dates do not match? Will the record’s dates get replaced with the file’s dates at some point (which is bad from my point of view) due to some invisible (or visible) housekeeping process?

The file’s date will be set to the record’s date on export.


Only if you synchronize the record and the file’s date is newer than the record’s date.