Any plans to add support for content blockers

Any plans for support for content blockers. I just have ad block on safari and it works pretty well. I just looked at a webpage in Devonthink, and it really slowed down Devonthink, (I think because of the ads).

This is the webpage that just caused me problems.(it is a personal finance site). I saved it as a bookmark and viewed it in Devonthink. Inheritance tax trusts.

Thanks for the suggestion! There are currently no plans for ad-blockers or even extensions but a future release might support some kind of clutter-free view.

If I remember correctly AdGuard has system wide blocking (i.e. all the browsers at once). It might work with DT3.

I had a license, but AdGuard at the time was giving me some problems when connecting to online (systematic requesting login). Not sure if it is still happening, though.

Is there any update on this? Sometimes one may need to view certain links/bookmarks, and it would be great if content blockers like AdGuard can be supported.

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No. there is no news to report on this.

In the meantime, I am using Little Snitch with around 100000 block rules, subscribed to via

You could also try using NextDNS instead.

AdGuard Home integrates too much into low level security for my liking and the browser based ad-blocking extensions only work in Safari etc.

On iOS, I use AdGuard with the Energized blocklists for system level blocking.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions! Would definitely explore those methods.

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