Any plans to update DTTG to take advantage of new iPad Pro?

As most people may know by now, Apple unveiled their latest-generation iPad Pro along with the second-generation Apple Pencil. The new Apple Pencil is reported to have additional features - double-tapping to change pen type or pressure/tilt detection for different strokes.

Is there anything you could reveal at this point in time as to whether there are any updates planned to take advantage of these features?

Nothing to report at this time.

Hey, thank you very much for your work keeping the app up to date. Plans to adapt the resolution for the new 11 inch?

Nothing at the moment, no.

Seriously? I would expect all major app developers to take the new Apple Pencil feature into consideration and make their apps easier to use. Is it that you cannot release plans for updates, or that DT isn’t even considering an update? If it is the latter, this is very concerning.

Hey I’ve installed the current beta of DEVONthink and I’ve seen that now the whole screen of iPad is filled with the app (so it takes advantage of the new resolution)!
Thank you, really appreciated

@Alligator: One, we don’t comment on development timeframes and plans. Two, we have far more important matters to address at this time.

Apple Pencil doesn’t make all apps easier to use unless it’s about pen based (hand written notes, drawing) application. Apple Pencil is not a replacement of mouse. I can comment on this because I have been using Apple Pencil since day one for handwriting notes and pdf markup and my daughter is using pencil for her painting. There is a difference between gimmicks and taking real advantage of using stylus on iPad, or iPhone (Pencil is just an advanced stylus, which has existed for many years!). IMHO, I hope no one is asking DTPO to be a jack of all trades. Incorporating the concept of stylus into DT (other than PDF annotation) probably requires a significant change/rethink of philosophy/technology, I think almost all pencil based applications are just tautology of paint apps and many developers have taken 6-8 years to refine their apps into a real stylus based hybrid app. It’s not something that is as easy as flipping a switch.