Any suggestions for maximizing serendipity of ideas in DTPO?

I’m new to DTPO but the main reason I bought the software is crystal and connect ideas. I’m an avid reader & notetaker so the plan is to add all of this content + full texts of articles/books I’m reading.

I’m curious if there’s a set rules for importing, tagging, or searching I should consider to increase my chances of finding these connections?

I also had an idea to take a the list of articles/books in my reading queue, and put them into DTPO so that maybe some of the “See Also” style features may lead me in a more fruitful direction.

Any thoughts, tips, tutorials etc. greatly appreciated.


Matt :smiley:

The AI uses content for connections, so a list of things you’re going to read wouldn’t yield anything extra, unless you had multiple lists with some of the same titles. However, this would only match lists. It wouldn’t match books on the lists.

Thanks for the reply. I should clarify, I would be creating a database of books & articles that I plan to read, but the database would be filled with their actual content. The thought was maybe the AI would find content that is similar or connected to the things I’ve already read, but in my queue.

Hopefully that clears up what I meant. Any other unique strategies to setting things up or should I just go through the basic tutorials?



If you’re looking for the AI to make suggestions about potentially related documents, the structure of the database isn’t very important. Location isn’t of interest to the AI regarding See Also, so you should structure it how it makes sense to you.
Much of how to “build a database” involves personal preference, as we all have our own organizational ideas. Indeed we may employ similar strategies, but we are still working with the structures as it feels right to us.