Any update on true networked solution of DTPO ?

We have been using DevonThink Pro Office CONSTANTLY for nearly 2 years now and it is PHENOMENAL! Are there any updates on a true shared (i.e. multi-users working as a group on one DTPO database) solution?

This is such an incredible program and super-powerful, seems like the only missing link to take it to the next level! Getting tired of shipping hard drives to others all over the country who need to use the data and then re-shipping more drives as changes occur.

Anyone come up with a real enterprise level solution for this yet? Our database is currently nearly 1TB in size, so a small-scale “hack” solution like running database from Dropbox or similar won’t work and even with remote login solution to say a Mac server I think causes problems as for example, having 10-20 people all working on that 1 machine can’t all access and work on 1 copy of DevonThink at the same time.

Would love to hear of any solutions anyone might have found!

Thanks in advance.

Since we’re talking nearly 1TB of data and the physical distribution of users who need it (something like 60 people across 15 states) having to download 1TB of data every time there is an update, which is multiple times a day in reality is what we’re trying to avoid. Further, my bandwidth varies GREATLY from morning to afternoon, so while uploading even a few gigs can at times only take a few minutes, other times due to traffic it can crawl in the few kb/s making uploading that volume of data even to an S3 cloud solution a month-long process. Really need a solution we can slap on a Mac Server, turn on and give access to our specific users.

The beauty of DevonThink is it’s ease of use for handling large amounts of unstructured data and we can get non-techy folks using it in an hour or so, hence the reason (plus obvious cost) of not even considering another package, we LOVE DTPO, but would love it even more if basically we could install a copy on a Mac Server, have people log in from wherever they are and be able to use it, then log out.

I know this has been requested by folks going back several years, and I know the guys at Devon have been working on it, was just hoping maybe i’d missed an update and we were a bit closer to a solution than last time I asked about it.

Synchronization of databases/computers (see … an-accent/) might be a possibility as it will be possible to sync multiple clients with one central server (and its database(s)) too.