Any updates to use EndNote x7 with DTPO?

Hi ho! I took a quick spool around the search function, and see that there were some other users interested in getting EndNote and DTPO to play nice together. The last one that I saw was back in September of 2013. Has anyone had the opportunity to look into getting these two to play nice together? Alternatively, could someone give me some insight as to what EndNote would need to allow in order for this to happen, so I can go bug their tech support?


What, a little more specifically, do you mean by “Play well together”. I’ve found ways to sort of glue them together with AppleScript, but it’s very specific to my odd workflow.

Ideally, I could point DTPO to my Endnote library and have DTPO import the references and the attached PDF files so that I can monkey with the PDFs in DTPO. I’d like to be able to analyze them in DTPO for later (cross) reference.

Does tha make sense?

Sure. That’s easy. You just need to find the folder in which EndNote is storing your PDFs and either import it or, what I do, have DevonThink index it. That leaves the PDFs in place, but makes it easy to play with them via DT.

You can, of course, tell EndNote to use an external folder. Just point DT at it.

Or, if you are storing them internally to EN and saving your library as a package (say, /Users/myname/documents/mylibrary.enlp), you’ll find them somewhere like


If you are on Windows, it will probably be similar, but I don’t know for sure.

Hope that gets you started.

That’s exactly what I needed! Thanks for the pointer to the PDF library.