any way to change default external browser?

I’m using DevonThink Pro Office 2.8.9 on my iMac to research info about 360 Video.
To view a 360 video embedded within a web page from a bookmark in DT in the correct format, I need to “Open With…” Chrome as the external browser app. However, when I try to us Open With, using DT’s menu or contextual, it shows Simulator the default app. Simulator is an app within Xcode for iOS developers! (seriously weird?!)
To open the bookmark in Chrome, I have to go deeper into the menu hierarchy via “Other…” then wait for a dialog box, then navigate to Chrome in my Applications folder.
My system has the default browser set to Safari and I want to keep it that way. I just want to be able to quickly choose Chrome for the bookmarks containing 360 videos.
Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this?

You could try to reveal the bookmark in the Finder and change its default application to Chrome.

Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent suggestion. Now, I have the option of viewing bookmarked pages within DT, in Safari or in Chrome with three separate but very quick actions. You have provided an elegant simple solution to the problem :smiley: