any way to change the color?

is there any way to change the color of the folder list pane? Right now, when I bring up DT Pro, it’s, um, gray. Really gray. And to say I’m not a big ‘gray’ fan is an understatement.

The only possibility to change the color right now is to disable the “Mail 2.0 look” (see preferences).

thanks Christian (and sorry for hitting you up with so many questions this morning).

So once I do that, I get the alternating white and blue rows. Is that my only option after turning off the Mail preference? If so, then a feature request: let me make that whatever color I want.

Not a fan of gray, but less a fan of the alternating row colors.

The next maintenance release will probably use the same color as Mail 2.0 (actually I never noticed that the colors are different as I never compared them :wink:

Just checked this - looks horrible :slight_smile:

Lol, love it!

One thing I wish Mail gave us is the ability to modify that color. Other apps do it, not sure why it doesn’t.

Would love to see that in DT.

Probably due to Apple’s KISS approach which is also the reason why we’ve removed certain options & simplified the preferences (and other things) in the past. Now if only someone could simplify the preferences & user interface of StarryNight Pro… :wink: