Any way to customise the See Also & Classify AI?

I’m thinking of ways to “help” the See Also & Classify AI:

  • Is it possible to say: “Show only suggestions from the database the selected item is in”?

  • Can I somehow instruct the AI to give me only suggestions with a specified tag?

The first one (Restrict suggestions to the DB of the selected item) would be in particular a great help!

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No and no, though the first is under consideration. However, it will require UI updates as well as under-the-hood changes.

Plus one to this. It would be super helpful indeed!

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Top of my wishlist would be to exclude results from within the same group as the document.

I group documents together by project–one group = one project. If I’m writing an article about whether mustard is superior to ketchup, and I click “see also,” and the first 10 results are from the “mustard vs. ketchup” group, that’s not helpful.

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Fair enough. Thanks for the clear answer - and looking forward to the feature enhancment one day.

I do understand this is not an easy one: Keeping the UI simple but catering for multiple additional use cases…

You’re welcome and yes, we don’t want DEVONthink to end up looking like Word! :open_mouth: :wink:

Thank God for that!


Following up on this topic because I just ran into the problem I mentioned above and I want to provide more details.

I’m a journalist (more specifically, I’m a “brand journalist,” but we can just say I’m a “journalist” for purposes of this discussion). I write articles. I do a half-dozen a month. Every time I start an article, I start a group in DevonThink to contain materials: PDFs, which can include saved Web pages, emails exchanged with interview subjects and my editors, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Markdown documents of notes and article drafts.

So this morning I’m putting finishing touches on an article, and I decide it’s time to look to see if there’s any background information in my DevonThink databases that might beef up the article. I open up the “See Also” pane…

… and every single document suggestion in that pane is from the group for that article! Nothing in any outside databases or groups! I already know those documents are related–that’s why they’re that group!

So then I go into the left-hand sidebar for DevonThink, right-click on the group, and check “Exclude From See Also.” This results in no change in the “See Also” panel–it’s still showing documents from that group.

Suggested fix: Include a check-box in Preferences to exclude documents in the same group from “See Also.”

Also: Is the “Exclude From” checkbox in the groups “Get Info” box broken? Or is it designed to NOT exclude a group when the document is in that group?

See Also has to be excluded for each document, not the group.

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That should be more clear then. It’s available as an option in the group, and my expectation is that the whole group and all its contents will be excluded.

However, I see now that the documents can be excluded in one action, so that solves my immediate problem. Thanks!

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Just curious, how can you exclude the documnets in that group in one action? Don’t you have to check the Exclude checkbox on each document?

Multi-select, right click, get info, tick box, bobs your uncle you’re done.

Thx. I like it as much as I like Bob! :wink:

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Which Bob? I have three uncles named Bob.:thinking:


My wife has two brothers-in-law named Ken.

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I thought this is a software support forum - and not a genealogy site! :confused: :wink: