Any way to embed arbitrary HTML in RTF (for website export)

Okay so I just discovered that DEVONthink can export groups as a website which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT. So far I’ve been organizing material in my database, using it to write, and then publishing it via a few different blogging systems. But I’m not a big fan of that, because (a) I don’t want to maintain a blogging system, as easy as several of them may be and (b) I don’t like the extra step involved in going from DT to the web.

So…my goal now is to be able to just write up content in my database, cross-link documents however I want, and then export a web site that I can upload to an FTP server, or rsync, or whatever.

I’m pretty sure I can write scripts to generate index pages and stuff like that. The one hanging concern I have is how to embed arbitrary HTML. I might want to include a YouTube clip for example, which is done by placing some HTML tags into the document.

Basically I just need some way of telling DTP to treat certain parts of a document as my own HTML and not to do anything to it (style it, HTML escape it, etc etc).

Is that doable?

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Very curious to know how this issue is progressing. A quick scan through the forum and I can’t find anything that explains a workflow using “Export as Website” and DTPRO>Rapidweaver/Freeway Pro for example.

Would love to know the simplest route to import a DTPRO file or folder into an application (like these two) which make building websites straightforward for the non-coders among us…

Can anyone help?

I emailed them a while back and they said there was no way to do it. Bummer.

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It sure is! If there was some way of getting a DT group or file directly over to a web-authoring application, together with tags/metadata, that would make DT a very powerful web content-generation tool, given the very powerful nature of DT (and the latest DA, by the way, which is leaps ahead of the old version…)