Any way to preserve the highlights in an doc already OCRed by DT when re-OCRing it?

Is there anyway to preserve the Highlights and comments in a document (made in DT) when re-OCRing that text?

Long story short - I neglected to RTFM when originally OCRing the docs and didn’t realise I could / should reset the DPI to 150 (rather than leaving it at the original of the doc). Doing so reduces the file size of the docs from (e.g.) 183mb to 60, which is obviously to be desired :slightly_smiling_face:

But when I re-OCR a text that I OCRed before I RTFM I lose the highlights:

To be specific, the highlights are still present in the doc - I can see them - but they are not recognised in the annotations pane.

Any suggestions (beyond ‘next time RTFM’)?

  • Are you referring to redoing OCR in DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go ?
  • And what operating system are you running on both Mac and mobile?

Sorry - I’m re-doing this in DT on the Mac, having initially done it in there.

DT 3.9.4
Mac 14.3
DTTG is 3.8 (17416)

No worries!
Intel or Apple Silicon Mac?

Note: 14.3 is a beta operating system. You should not run a beta on a machine you need operating normally. Something to consider.

Just realised that this is in completely the wrong thread / topic - hence your Q about DTTG or DT.

Apple Mac silicon - (Mac mini M2 pro - 16GB ram if that helps).

I turned off the beta updates - it was a holdover from the settings in another device.

What might also be pertinent is that I did the re-OCR on a file that’s indexed - from the Zotero storage folder. The whole folder is indexed with no manual shenanigans :slight_smile: