Any way to restrict Net research to specific search engines?

I would like to be able to limit the Internet fast scan to one or more specific search engines. In some cases, this would prevent getting too much and useless info. E.g., looking for the bibliography of a French writer, I’d like to question only and reject Google or any.
As far as I understand, the Internet scan of DA consists of multiple search engines.
My question: is there any easy (or complex :cry:) way to select the search engine(s) we want to work with, temporarily or regularly?
Thanks for your help :wink:

Christophe, you can create your own custom search sets, choosing from the extensive list of plugins, and/or restricting searches to one or more URLs of your choice.

Choose Tools > Edit Search Sets. Click on the Actions (cogwheel) button and select New. Click on Sites and enter the URL you wish to search. Name your custom search set, and configure it as you wish, e.g. as a scheduled search set that will email you a list of new content each time it runs, and add results automatically to your Archive.

Thank you Bill.
I did what you recommend but I think I am a bit awkward because I do not get any result (although there are) when starting manually my custom search set. It’s very simple since it consists only of one url which I added (and marked) to the site tab of the new search set.
Then, when running this custom research with “jankelevitch” (French writer) as selection criteria, I do not get any result.
When doing the same in Safari > > jankelevitch, I get the expected list of the books.
I guess I am doing something wrong or, may be, the search criteria keyed in DA is not passed correctly to the search criteria of Amazon :question:
Would you have an idea? :wink:

The list of sites defined in the Search Sets panel is a static list of URLs (e.g. to scan known pages, see for example “Marketing” search set) and therefore not suitable to query a search engine. This requires a dedicated XML plugin (see Help for more details).