Any way to search (and smart-group) items that have Skim not

I have many PDFs with Skim notes. Is there a way to (a) find PDFs that have any Skim notes, and (b) search the contents of those Skim notes?


Do you know whether Skim stores the notes in the PDF or whether it stores it in its own database. If the latter, then you have trouble.

Skim notes are generally stored in the PDF’s extended attributes. There is a framework for allowing your application to read,write, append skim notes to PDFs.

(in the folder labelled “SkimNotes framework and tool”)

even though I didn’t start this post, this would be terrific. BibDesk currently has this feature and it is a great way to refine searches in a way that improves relevance (after all, if it wasn’t relevant, I wouldn’t have highlighted it or made a note about it!)