Any way to search by label without entering search terms?

I am using DT to store various action items such as journal articles to read, proposals to write, and so forth. I use labels and comments to categorise these (e.g. labels such as ‘do next’, ‘underway’, ‘done’). It would be excellent if I could use the search window just to call up all items in my database with a certain label, but I can’t figure out how to do it without also entering search terms, which I would rather not do.

Is there any way to do this? Thanks!

At the moment the only workaround is to…

  1. Open the History panel (Tools > History)
  2. Choose View > Sort by Label

I’d like to second this as a feature request. Labels are pretty useless to me without the ability to search in this way. It would surely be nice to have. :slight_smile:


The search window of V1.1.1 will support searching for labels and/or state without entering a search term (this will be also accessible via AppleScript, e.g. to create smart groups for labels/state). It will be also possible to search for locked/unlocked items.

I just tested teh Search feature in 1.1.1 - cool. 8)
Also just tested the script for creating a smartfolder based on a label - very cool.

Thanks! :smiley:

Thank you very much for adding this feature, it has been really useful.

I have another request along similar lines: there is currently a feature that allows you to create outline groups instead of regular groups - so that each item in that group automatically shows the state (checked / unchecked).

Now that we have label searching, it would be excellent if we could couple them with group labels. For example, if I have a ‘do today’ outline group, if I could also automatically assign the ‘do today’ label to it, it would streamline the workflow quite nicely.

Thanks again for adding the label search, and for doing it so quickly.

Do you want “inherited” labels meaning that adding a content to a group automatically assigns the label of the group to the content too?

Yeah, I had a feeling I wasn’t being very clear - sorry about that.

What I’m looking for is to be able to create a group that is both an outline and a label group. In other words, a group I could call ‘do today’ that both puts a state and a certain label on anything created within that group. So yes, ‘inherited’ labels like the ‘inherited’ state checkbox with the outline group feature, at the same time if possible.

In conjunction with the label-only search feature, it’d make setting up and categorising task lists quite a bit easier. You could dump a set of tasks into the group without having to worry about assigning states or labels, and then not have to worry about them showing up in the relevant category when doing the label-only search.

Just a very minor thing, but it might be nice.

Thank you for the clarification, “inherited labels” are on the list of upcoming features but I can’t promise this for a specific release at the moment.

No hurry at all, it was just a thought.

Thanks again for being so responsive.